No one is going to be bummed out today!


Ethan Gilchrist

On Thursday morning, many OHS students have on their best beach attire. Photographed: Jason Katz junior Brayden Bennett junior Zacahary Griffin junior Brandon Moore junior Anya Aguilar junior Melissa Krapf junior Jared Pierce junior

Ethan GIlchrist, Hard News/Online Editor

It’s Thursday of “OC Goes Global” spirit week and today is Caribbean Beach bum day.

Following the fantastic safari theme yesterday, today’s theme is going over just as well.

Students all over OHS are dressed up and ready to go to the beach.

“I saw someone dressed as the shark from the Katy Perry Super Bowl show performance I thought that was funny,” said Taylor Specht, senior STUGO member. “One of my friends had this entire beach outfit with a cooler and chairs on her back going all out. There’s been some good ones.”

Specht said today’s spirit theme is going really well. She also said that this is one of the best spirit weeks ever.

“This is one of our best spirit weeks as in participation. Some spirit weeks are kind of meh,” said Specht. “But this spirit week I see a ton of people dressing up and it’s really fun to see that people enjoy it.”

Overall it’s been a great spirit day at OHS and students can be excited for tomorrow’s class color day as well as the homecoming parade.

Ethan Gilchrist
Kainoa Spencer junior poses in his Captain Jack Sparrow outfit Thursday morning.