Freshmen get their freak on

Kayci RIggs, Copy Chief

The annual Freshman Dance was held in the main gym last Friday night, August 14 from 7-10 p.m.

According to freshman mentor advisor Katy Culley, around 250 students attend the dance every year.

“It’s meant to be much smaller that homecoming or winter formal, it’s more personable and not as intimidating if we keep it small,” Culley said.

The freshman dance was the second event the mentors held this year, the first being the freshman camp.

“I think it was really fun, everyone enjoyed themselves and got to each other a little better,” said Tessa Griego, senior Freshman Mentor.

Culley described the dance as a way for the freshman to get to know each other better, as well as for the mentors to get to know the freshmen.

“Our organization is all about fostering meaningful relationships, so it’s fun to see that process beginning at the beginning of the school year,” Culley said.