Big day, big changes for OHS students

Taylor Stokes, Staff Developer

It’s finally here. Back to school season is upon us with the shuffling of books and the reading and re-reading of syllabi all day long.

August 10 was the first day of school for OHS and with the first day came some new plans and rules.

For example, the addition of Thursday’s MTSS schedules, formerly known as the new EP is expected to be different. Some students think the changes will be beneficial in the long run for the school.

Lauren Faldu, senior, believes the schedule change will be unusual at first but helpful.

“I think the changes that have been made this year will help so many people learn more effectively.” Faldu said.

On another hand, the anticipation of what the new year will bring excites many students.

“I’m really excited for the spirit days and prom of course. But I’m mainly excited to just spend some time with my friends and have a really great senior year.” Faldu said.