Senior Breakfast: Seniors stuff themselves with sentiment at annual event

Valerie Bond, News Editor

The school year is almost over. Seniors have less than a week left on campus and the rest of the students have two weeks left. Even with all the hustle and bustle of finals and bringing up your grades, nostalgia is setting in. In honor of this feeling of reminiscing, the senior class was brought together to enjoy breakfast and look back on the good old days.
On May 8, Stugo hosted the annual senior breakfast to celebrate the memories the seniors have created together.
The senior Stugo members have taken roughly four months to plan out the annual event that has been held for at least 10 years for seniors.
In years prior the senior breakfast has been thrown together and left to chance.
“Senior breakfast is a free continental breakfast for all the seniors to attend just to celebrate all the seniors graduating and we also have a senior slide show to commemorate all of our years at O’Connor,” said Hayley Carlos, senior Stugo member.
According to Jennifer Galbreath, Stugo adviser, the senior breakfast recieved catering from McDonald’s, Hot Bagel, and Dutch Bros, as well as other breakfast items.
“Kids usually like to show up to this kind of thing because it is like a graduation tradition.” Carlos said.