Stugo reveals prom theme: LUX


Taylor Stokes, Managing Editor

Well the secret is finally out. The prom theme for 2015 is LUX. It’s your time to live in luxury.

The location is the Phoenix Convention Center in downtown Phoenix and will be taking place on April 25th. Basically, you have 29 days to prepare.

But after a long trip to finding a venue, a theme and making the budget, the junior class representatives from Stugo have made their decisions.

“During the planning process we did experience some adversity. Some of these included booking the venue, the change in advisors last year, and a  recent decline in dance attendance due to recent policies presented by administration.” said Rachel Abraham, student body secretary. “However, we have worked hard to smooth the bumps in the road.”

The theme is loosely based off the Gatsby 20s but with an edgier twist. The goal was to give the time worn theme a change and make it more modern.

“The downtown venue adds to the glam of the dance and we hope our guests will enjoy this luxurious and sophisticated night.” Abraham said.