Corrections to issue three

Bailey Brammer, Editor-in-Chief

In the story, “Baseball comes up to bat this season,” there was a design error that cut off the speaker of the last quote. We recognize that Max Peters said this quote. The updated version has been posted online.

In the story, “Singing our way through the classes” The Talon stated that the movie Grease was released in 1968. We recognize that this movie was released in 1978.

In the story, “Varsity volleyball team aims at state,” The Talon wrote that Ian Feilds is depicted in the photo. We recognize that his name is Ian Fields.

In the story, “Original staff throwback to OC Opening,” The Talon stated that the original staff used the 4000/500 building. We recognize that this building is the 400/500 building.

The Talon regrets these mistakes and hopes to diminish the amount of mistakes made in the future.