EP gives students a chance to be successful

Audra McCaw, Staff Developer

Today OHS had an EP (extended period) schedule. Classes were shortened so students could have the chance to make up or retake assignments.

Marc Mur, academic advisor said today was a great opportunity for the students at OHS.

“Students aren’t always available before and after school. Some work, or are in sports, or may not have a ride. This EP is a great thing,” said Mur.

The goal of this EP is to lower the rate of failing students, as well as allow them to be successful.

“It’s important we give them this time to make up, retake or do whatever needs to be done. All we want here at O’Connor is for our students to be successful,” said Mur.

Mur said the EP event will impact the students.

“I feel this a very positive thing. Allowing the students to have this time given to them is just another chance for them to become more successful,” said Mur.

Many students and teachers feel this was a good thing.

“I liked having EP like this. I had given out a lot of passes, eleven students were able to come in as other had other things,” said Kelly Simon, Language Arts teachers.

Simon said she hopes the students are given this opportunity again.