Coding club hacks its way into OC


Photo illustration by Kasey Cross

Kasey Cross, Staff Writer

A few mouse clicks and typing of keys in spy movies. “I’m in.” This is probably what most people think when they think of coders. However, our own coding club doesn’t spend as much time hacking into government databases as you’d think.

One of the new clubs this year is the Coding Club. Once a week, it provides an educational and interesting place people of all levels can code.

Coding Club is dedicated to the language of technology. They meet Thursday in the 155 lab during eagle hour. The first half of eagle hour being for beginners, and the second half for the more experienced who want to progress forward.

Learning how to code is similar to both learning a new language, and a new skill. And it must be practiced and treated as such,  according to Gail Salameh, sponsor.

“I want more students exposed to coding. There are good careers in it and it’s just good to know. It’s the language of the future, and of the present.”Salameh said.

Salameh goes on to say how coding is not only an interesting skill to have, it may become more important in the future. As the age of computers rise, having these skills will become mandatory for success.

“I feel like it is going to be something that is commonplace a few years down the road. It’s something someone living in the 21st century needs to know a least a little bit about,”Salameh said.

The progress the students make in coding Club is visible, as each week they push forward towards a new goal. The club goers use each week to improve the websites they make and eventually build the skills to make their own game, and so on and so forth.

Amaya Lim, senior, is the club president. Lim believes that coding is for everyone. She also hopes to give an environment will be suited for everyone to come and learn.

“This club, to me, is what I wish I had when I was first learning to code. And I want to help other students have a more community based experience of learning computer science,” Lim said.

Coding club is a fun and educational place to learn a new skill and expand your portfolio. Going from a basic website to a video game to show everyone, learning basics of coding now will only become more valuable with time.