Dungeons and Dragons travels to campus


Photo Courtesy of Dungeons and Dragons Wiki

Cassidy Moore, Design Chief

Dungeons and Dragons is an interactive role playing game that has spread across the world as a competitive experience for many players. It has been gaining popularity as books and tv shows, like Freaks and Geeks or The Simpsons, mention the famous game multiple times. The game is a form of table-top role playing where players build their own characters and interact with other people in the game.

The raising popularity and intense gameplay has attracted more and more and led to the club being created on campus. The dungeons and dragons club on campus combines new and experienced players together where people play the game every Tuesday after school.

“I joined the day of club rush,” said Karson Knudson, junior.

Knudson was able to pick up the game quickly even though he didn’t know how to play before he joined.

A more experienced player, Sean McCormick, sophomore, is the “dungeon master” of the game occurring on campus. Although he is not the president of the club, he works specifically in the game to make sure everything runs smoothly.

“You have to think of D & D like a story, the players are characters in the story and the dungeon master is everyone else,” McCormick said, “they act as the sense of reason and guide the story in a way that makes sense.”

The dungeon master is essential to game play and helping run the club and game.

“Without the dungeon master, characters would be killing everybody and there would be no people who weren’t playing in the game,” McCormick said.

Many joined the game due to its past popularity in the 80’s and 90’s.

“My dad used to play the game during high school when it was just gaining popularity,”said Collin Curtis, junior.

The way the game is played and the creativity you have to use is what keeps many players coming back.

“It lets you use your imagination and creativity in a fun and interesting way,”  Curtis said.

The members continue the same game through every week.

“It’s really just a massive adventure that goes on every week” McCormick said.

The club meets every week and accepts new players each meeting. If you are interested in learning how to play or just to observe, stop by room 617, bring a piece of paper, your imagination and a sense of adventure.

“For the most part it’s pretty easy to learn and you don’t really need to read any of the book, you really just need to know how to roll a dice,”McCormick said