OC Captured: Ruby Clark


Shyanne Cooper

Ruby Clark, senior, poses for her OC Captured photo while taking a well earned break from second hour.

Shyanne Cooper, Staff Writer

OHS is such a populated school, there are bound to be students from all walks of life sprinkled throughout the campus.  One of these students is senior Ruby Clark.  Spontaneous, giving and talented, Clark has many unique interests and experiences that contribute to the remarkable person she is.

One of Clark’s biggest passions is theatre.  Although she came from a Performing Arts school in California, she claims that the theatre program here is fantastic.  Her first performance was in Sleepy Hollow last year, and she is thrilled to see The Giver come to life this November.

While she doesn’t want to pursue theatre as a career, she looks at every performance this year in a sentimental light.  “I just love letting loose and getting caught up in the moment.  I try not to think about other obligations and just relax.”

Clark’s other big passion is her Christian faith.  She volunteers at CCV as a youth coach for junior high kids, and also works for a nonprofit organization called One Mission.

She has gone on many mission trips with this organization.  “I’ve been to Ecuador, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, and this time I’m going to Mexico.”

On these trips she and her small group build a house from scratch over the course of three days.  Clark’s face lights up when she talks about handing the keys over to the underprivileged families.  It is clear in her expression that this is a phenomenal opportunity unlike any other.

When questioned about going to a public school, Clark admits that it’s hard being surrounded by kids who have different values than her.  “I love being friends with a lot of people and different groups… but I choose to spend the most time with people who strengthen my faith.  I love going to a public school because it gives me the opportunity to be different and show people the love of God.”

Clark’s advice to people entering high school is to choose friends wisely.  “Surround yourself with people who you want to become like because the people you hang around is who you’re going to become.”

Aside from sticking with people who are good influences, Clark’s main focus right now is staying in the moment.  Whether she is performing onstage, meeting with her freshmen for Freshmen Mentors, or taking a test, she prays for the strength to be one hundred percent in the present.  Clark simply wants to give her all in everything she does.  “It’s hard to focus, but to be all there in the moment is definitely something I’m working on.”  As she heads off to college- hopefully, she adds, to study vocational ministry, early childhood education, or public speaking- Clark wants nothing more than to live life to the fullest and brighten the world around her bit by bit.