First week for freshman


Marc Bretz

Caitlyn Peña, freshman, believes that freshman had a very successful week.

Marc Bretz, Staff Writer

      The first week of high school is a milestone for both students and teachers. It is also is the start of another chapter in your life for incoming freshmen which can be both nerve-wracking and exciting. So I decided to ask a couple of people about it, both a teacher and a student.

Kyle Russell, Spanish teacher, believes that his freshmen had a very successful first week.

  1.    How was your first week with freshman students?

“The first two weeks have been great. No issues.”

  1.    Were most freshman prepared? How were they prepared?

“Most seemed ready for school. I was impressed.”

  1.    What was the hardest part for the freshman during the first week?

“Transitioning from being the king in 8th grade to being the lowest classmen.”

  1.    Do you think they will be ready for their High School career?

“Eventually, but they are doing ok now.”

  1.    How was their behavior during the first week?

“Very calm.”

  1.    Were any freshman worried about freshman Friday?

“None that I noticed. A few were excited.”

  1.    Was it hard for the freshman to adjust to the high school atmosphere?

“For a few. Most were fine.”

  1.    How involved are most of your freshman students so far?

“Fairly involved.”

Caitlyn Peña, freshman, believes that freshman had a very successful week.

  1.       How was your first week of high school?

“Good, different transition. Most of the upperclassmen were rude.”

  1.       Were you prepared for your first week?

“For the classes yes, but not for the full transition.”

  1.       What was the hardest part of the first week for you?

Meeting the standards that the teachers wanted.”

  1.       Do you think you are prepared for your High School career?

“I think so.”

  1.      Were you nervous about your first day?

“No, because people told me stuff that I should expect.”

  1.       Were you worried about freshman Friday?

“Yes, I thought that I would get picked on by the upperclassmen.”

  1.       Are you involved in any clubs yet? Which ones?

“Yes, marching band and I applied for freshmen mentors.”

  1.       What middle school did you come from?

“West Wing.”

  1.       Do you have any siblings that go to OHS? If not do you know anyone here?

“No, but I do know a lot of people from West Wing and church.”

2Marc Bretz