Murder Mystery 2 brings chaos and laughs

Amber Hayden, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Nearly four years after the first installment, the popular crime fighting duo have made their grand return to the stage. With added chemistry between the entire cast, more jokes, and an overall better plot, Murder Mystery 2 exceeds the first in more ways than one. 

Following their success in the previous film, Audrey Spitz, played by Jennifer Aniston, and Nick Spitz, played by Adam Sandler, attempt to make a name for themselves, but in typical Spitz fashion, nothing goes as planned. 

After several troubling years of trying and failing to make the whole detective gig work out, the couple receives the opportunity of a lifetime. After nearly being sent to prison in the last movie for a crime they did not commit, the two of them try to go on vacation again. 

Surrounded yet again by riches, courtesy of their billionaire friends, the Spitzes attend an extravagant wedding only for the festivities to be placed on hold because of a kidnapping. 

In the prior film, the couple was painted as the killers, but the rationale for this accusation was flimsy. This time around, everyone has a suitable motive, including the two leads, Nick and Audrey. 

While they try to clear their names, the duo inevitably find themselves in a multitude of action scenes, something majorly lacking from the first film. Though many are unrealistic, the film is not really about realism, it is about the humor. 

In the previous movie, the attempted jokes were not funny except for one scene in the beginning with the knife. After the unanticipated murder, none of them had any clue what to do and in their confusion they kept removing and reinserting the weapon which anyone who knows anything about murder mysteries knows you should never do. However in the sequel, both the writers and cast seem to find the balance between comedy and storyline.

Murder Mystery 2 brilliantly showcases the chemistry between Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, which was essentially nonexistent in the previous film. This movie was all worth it for the wave of romantic moments it has in store.

Not only that, but the two also prove themselves to not only be a believable couple, but also a lovable, and above all, entertaining one. Their interactions are filled with married couple humor which was disappointingly missing from the first. All the while, the duo worked together to solve the mystery of who kidnapped their friend. 

Similarly to its predecessor, the story is complex with several different threads leading the audience on a thrilling ride. The story keeps the audience on their toes, never really knowing who did it and just when they think they have figured it out, a twist comes into play. 

With all that was going on, there was always the possibility things could have gone south, namely, they might have been too convoluted, making it difficult to understand how things developed, but thankfully that was not the case. Instead they not only added to the quality of the plot, but they also kept events entertaining throughout. 

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler’s acting during the scenes where they discover new clues showcased their fabulous acting and chemistry. Together the two of them leave people wondering how the world’s two most amateur detectives continuously manage to solve high-profile cases , but maybe that is just the magic of the series.