Ant-man and the Wasp: Quantumania—A Marvel blunder?

Aayushi Datta, Opinions Editor

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, experienced the biggest opening for the Ant-Man series. After only successfully grossing $104 million on its opening weekend, it is safe to say that the movie was just another marvel movie but cannot be considered ‘marvel’ous enough. Although the movie had all the elements of a typical superhero movie, it was simply not one for the books.

Ant-Man or Scott Lang, played by Paul Rudd, should be thoroughly researched considering the fact that he just does not age. But on a serious note, his character was humorous as usual, but lacked the necessary  energy of a protagonist. Throughout the movie, he was more of a dad than he was a hero, which is justifiable, but when the movie title is ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ his role could have been more heroic. Rudd’s character in the movie was completely based on his daughter and had little to nothing to do with saving the quantum realm. His character could have used some heroic morals as the protagonist of the movie. Maybe it was intentional but Wasp or Hope Vandyne, played by Evangaline Lily, is hard to find just like the name of her character. Her presence on the screen can be counted on fingers. 

Cassie Lang, played by Kathryn Newton, started off as the rebellious daughter of Ant-Man but within seconds turned out to be a typical, brilliant teenager, who low-key has daddy issues. She and her dad do have a good and healthy relationship, but her father’s absence has established a constant desire to prove herself. She is very impulsive, believing she knows what is best, and acts without thinking about the consequences. She is just a normal teenager in a world where a quantum realm exists.  

The story of the movie was, again, nothing too enticing. It was very generic where the hero and his friends end up being in an unknown land, fighting with the villain. It was repetitive and very predictable. You can actually foresee when there will be the next action scene or what the characters are going to do. The plot lacked originality and could have been something much better. The quantum realm has been the topic of Ant-Man since the last movie and this movie would have had so much more potential if it possessed a unique storyline or  played with a more imaginative plot. 

The movie started off being very fast-paced; within the first twenty minutes they had already switched the setting and entered the quantum realm. The beginning of the movie was actually really great. It was humorous, light hearted and created a pleasant and enjoyable mood for the audience. From there it was all downhill. The movie was constantly dragging and very slow from thereon. It felt like the movie was running at half speed because even the actors were speaking very slowly. The movie did not have the factor of keeping the audience on their toes. The end of the movie was all action sequences followed by a scene similar to the start of the movie, making it action-packed and fun to watch.

However, some of the scenes of the movie were really enjoyable, especially the return of a character who was introduced in the previous movies. There was foreshadowing regarding the return of the character; it was a subtle but surprisingly brilliant part of the not-so-brilliant script. One of the action scenes was like Godzilla but make it Marvel; it was low-key funny but visually pleasing. The VFX used in the movie was out of this world but then again, nothing less can be expected of Marvel. 

Overall, the movie was mediocre, but with some not very flattering features. It is watchable but the company of others is recommended. The movie had the potential of becoming something much better but the creators did not opt for any creative liberty. Although the movie has a moral and does show the audience that even heroes need motivation to fight a battle, it was simply boring.