OHS Theater’s hard work pays off


Photo by Aayushi Datta

OC theater charms the audience in unity.

Aayushi Datta, Podcast Editor

OHS theater has a way of charming its way into the audience’s heart. With their recent play, “Footloose,” they executed a successful show.  

Footloose was an entertaining performance by the theater students. The performance was extremely appreciated because it was captivating and was worth the audience’s time. Together, the cast and crew were able to create a memorable experience despite the ups and downs. 

“I am really proud of how footloose turned out. The kids worked really hard. They overcame some big obstacles, and they had a lot of fun, and it showed in their performance,” said Toni Evans, theater teacher.

Amongst all the enjoyment that the performers had, it was also a way for them to go above and beyond. 

“It was very fun. I was doing a lot of things I haven’t done before. Getting to act and dance with everyone,” said Mckay Larsen, senior. 

Performers of the play went through their own journey. They were able to discover hidden parts of themselves, and it turned out to be a period of personal growth for them. 

“Definitely gained a lot of confidence,” Larsen said. “It was the first time I have had a big role at a play or performance like that. So during it, I learned more about what I can do.” 

The theater team experienced a great learning opportunity for everyone involved, from newcomers to veterans. 

“It was really great. Everyone was really welcoming for my freshman show,” said Ava Case, freshman. “I got to learn from the best. I am just really grateful I did that.” 

The performers indulged in the world of music and rhythm from the very beginning. They gradually progressed their ways to learn the songs and work towards perfecting their performances for the show. 

“We did the auditions. We sang a song and we learned a little bit of the first song, like the dance,” Case said. “When we got into the show, we learned music everyday, we did choreography on stage. We started practicing all the acts, and eventually started running through the acts. It prepared us for the actual show.” 

The play also faced some last minute changes and struggles. Fortunately, the theater team was able to overcome the difficulties with their determination. 

“We had some students that dropped out and had to replace last minute, a lot of sickness the week of the show. Everybody kind of got sick as it happens during a show, so they pulled through even though they were not feeling very well,” Evans said. 

OHS theater has a unique way of selecting their plays. Each class needs to earn points, and whichever class wins, gets the opportunity to pick the next play. 

“The juniors won last year, and they picked Footloose as the Fall play,” Evans said. 

The next production of the theater is the senior play: Matilda. Preparations have already started for the play, and the theater team is working towards another masterpiece. 

“It’s going to be incredibly fun. I think the set design is really cute. They have been working hard already since September on the singing and the dancing, [and] costumes. Mountain Ridge is helping us with some of their set pieces,” Evans said. 

Seniors, and everyone involved in the play are working towards the upcoming performance by theater. 

“Everybody is coming together to create this magical piece for kids,” Evans said. “It’s going to be really fun.”