“Midnights” to premier at midnight

Amber Hayden, Staff Writer

Taylor Swift has always been great at surprising her fans, and this year at the 2022 VMA’s was no different. Swift made it public during an acceptance speech at the event that after the re-recording of two albums, she will be releasing a brand new album, “Midnights,” on Oct. 21. 

With her last new album being “Evermore,” released at the end of 2020, fans have been eager for new music from her. Fans are excited to see the potential of this new album.

Swift’s newest album has already outdone itself with the cover art. The cover shows a close up of Swift’s face with her wearing her signature red lipstick. She has blue eyeshadow which is perfect for an album called Midnights which encompasses the “Midnights” theme. She holds a lighter close to her face and her eyes are focused on the flame.

The new album will be available for purchase as a CD, vinyl, and cassette tape. The different aesthetics for the various formats are to be stunning as always. 

The CD will be a “blue moonstone” marble colored disk which fits the album spectacularly. Any fans who purchase the CD package will also receive some unique disc artwork and a collectible 24-page photo booklet.

The vinyl is meant to be no less spectacular. The vinyl for Midnights will have a collectible album sleeve, a full-size gatefold photo and a collectible eight-page booklet with “never-before-seen photos.”

Swift is not one to leave her fans hanging. She also released limited edition vinyls for just one week just days after the announcement. 

They each have their own respective name: Jade Green Edition Vinyl; Midnights: Blood Moon Edition Vinyl; and Midnights: Mahogany Edition Vinyl. Each of the disks inside is a different marble color depending on which special edition was bought. The shades of the disks were both unique and memorable for those who got one in marbled green, orange, or brown. Each of the three vinyls displays distinct cover photos and different-color lettering for the album’s title and tracklist.

As time has gone on, more information about Midnights has been released via Taylor’s social media and various news sites.

Swift has information on her Youtube page about her new album, giving fans added context for how the album came to be. On her page, she wrote that the album came through 13 sleepless nights. There are 13 tracks. Tracks one through six belong to side A and tracks seven through 13 belong to side B. The title of the album, “Midnights,” suggests 12 new songs, but there will be 13 songs on the album.

Swift is no stranger to giving her fans small clues toward her albums. On Tiktok, Swift has begun a series she has called “Midnight’s Mayhem With Me.” During the first episode of the series, she revealed that track 13 is called Mastermind. Swift has continued the series and fans look forward to finding out all the track names with each new episode.

Taylor Swift’s albums are known to be emotional and her new album is supposed to be even more emotional which says a lot. This makes sense for an album that came to be from sleepless nights since times like that bring out many emotions that will likely lead to intense emotions in the songs and as a result the fans too.

For now, the content of “Midnights” is left up to speculation of Swift’s curious fans. No matter what, Swifties can look forward to Taylor Swift’s newest album Midnights which releases October 21 at midnight.