“Locke and Key” seals the deal

Aayushi Datta, Podcast Editor

The new and final season of “Locke and Key” hit Netflix on Aug. 10, 2022. The final season is filled with a lot of ups and downs. However, the premise of the final season has failed to capture the particular thrill that was established during the first two seasons, as it felt rather confusing and messy. 

The season was unnecessary considering the fact that the main plot felt recurring, the same things over and over again. The entire show was about people trying to steal the keys and the Lockes trying to prevent it. Instead of bringing another villain, they should have ended with season two, where the main antagonist died. They just continue with the same process of chasing the keys. They could have taken a different approach with the keys instead of overusing the basic plot line. 

Analyzing the protagonists of the show, the three siblings: Bode, played by Jackson Scott, Kinsey, played by Emilia Jones, and Tyler, played by Connor Jessup. Cute, little Bode is way too mature and interfering for a six year old boy. Although, it is good to be curious and as shown, his curiosity is what led to everything in the beginning, but as time passed it seemed like he lost his innocence to the “key world.” Sometimes, there was an urge to go up to him and tell him to just behave like a kid. To go out, play video games, and not with dangerous keys that can most probably cause death. Though, the storyline with Bode getting possessed was a surprisingly good take. 

Kinsey, on the other hand, is a character who is way too involved and is in messiest situations. Throughout the entire show, she has suffered and it is clear that she has developed some mental issues. At the beginning, it was evident that she had developed some abandonment issues when Tyler moved out. Her displeasement and bother is relevant considering the number of important people she lost. However, the show does not really get into or addresses the matter well. The show could have used this season to show some character growth in her after everything she has been through.

The oldest of the batch, Tyler was really sensible with his decision last season when he decided to forget his memories and forget about the keys. Nonetheless, it is all just looped back in when Tyler gets curious about the keys again. The show would have been incomplete without him so his comeback was necessary. Still, the writers could have given him a fresh start at the end of season 3 and not 2. They could have shown how he was suffering from grief and despised keys, but still fought while protecting them. 

Circling back to the storyline, it could have been better as it held a lot of potential. They tried to use the past and bring it to the present which was messed up in a lot of ways. The audience could not really keep up, and it looked like they wanted to combine the previous season into this one. Although, the suspense and thrilling factors were there for some parts. It all just seemed crammed up in 8 episodes. 

The show’s writers wanted to resolve all the problems regarding the key house and the keys. However, they forgot to focus on individual characters in this process. Their focus was to end the show by giving the Locke’s a happy ending. Although, the happy ending is completely justified considering everything the Locke family has been through. In the end, the Locke’s locked the Keyhouse, and opened the door to a happier future.