Song Reviews: Summer 2022

Lindsay Steinberg, Copy Chief

“As It Was” by Harry Styles 

Harry Styles returns to the music scene after his Love on Tour with the release of “As It Was.” The track is the first single off of Styles’ upcoming album titled “Harry’s House” that is set to be released to the public on May 20th.

After over two years without a release from the British singer-songwriter, there was little expectation set for what direction he could have taken with his sound. And he took what many people would consider the “Harry Styles sound,” the production being very reminiscent of what you would hear on “Fine Line.”  The song even shattered the record of most streams in one day on the streaming service, Spotify, with 8.3 million streams. 

“Take My Hand” by 5 Seconds of Summer

Australian band, 5 Seconds of Summer, continued to show their musical development with their latest single, “Take My Hand.” After the release of a previous track, “Complete Mess,” it became clear to the fans that more music was on the horizon to go along with their several-time postponed tour finally kicking off in Europe.  

The song is reminiscent of what you could find off of their albums, “Sounds Good Feels Good” and “CALM.” Luke Hemmings’ vocals perfectly carry out the song, mixing with the production done by guitarist, Michael Clifford, effortlessly showing the maturity the band has taken with their music in their ten years of existence. 

“First Class” by Jack Harlow

American rapper, Jack Harlow, released “First Class” on April 8, with the track also being a single off his upcoming album, “Come Home The Kids Miss You.” The track went viral on TikTok days prior to the release, the snippet of the song on the social platform highlighting the addictive hook of the song. 

Harlow also sampled Fergie’s 2006 track, “Glamorous,” within the chorus. The sample not only adds an unexpected familiarity for some listeners, but something new to the song to pair with Harlow’s lyrics. It is easy to say “First Class” could possibly become one of the most popular songs of this summer. 

“pyschofreak” by Camila Cabello 

Camila Cabello returned to the music scene with the album, “Familia,” on April 8, featuring a collaboration with fellow artist WILLOW. “pyschofreak” was not released until the release of the album, but along came with it was a music video to help build traction around the track. Along with the music video, fans of Cabello even got a Saturday Night Live performance of the song. 

With the past Cabello possesses, it draws many to wonder if the lyrics could connect to her split from Fifth Harmony or her past relationship with Shawn Mendes, as the song directly relates to mental health. She opens up about her anxiety with an upbeat production that is able to flow perfectly with the lyrics.