‘Never Have I Ever’ plays with multiple plots in season 2

Aayushi Datta, News Editor

Spoiler Alert. Never Have I Ever is a show that has gained popularity ever since its release in 2020. After leaving the viewers at a cliffhanger for a year, the show is back with a banger with season two. 

Devi Vishwakumar, played by  Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, is a first generation Tamil Indian-American who is experiencing the highs and lows of high school. After the death of her father, her life changed drastically. Decisions she made afterwards led her to become entangled in a very complicated love triangle and almost lose her best friends.

At the end of season one, viewers were surprised by the actions of Devi. After an entire season of pining for Paxton Hall-Yoshida, played by Darren Barnet, Devi suddenly has feelings for Ben Gross, played by Jaren Lewison. Season two answers this situation but also raises new ones. At the beginning of the season, Devi is perplexed about whom to choose and decides to date them both. But, she ends up hurting them more. 

Devi’s actions hurt each of the teenagers differently. While Ben was broken from the inside and lost his trust in Devi, Paxton got into an accident, broke his hand and lost his swim scholarships. Paxton had a major character development this season, he was very understanding and the audience could really connect with him, and feel his pain throughout the season. It was nice to see him and Devi being friends. Ben, on the other hand, focused more on moving on from Devi. He was very hurt and wanted to move on, but his connection to Devi kept pulling him back to her. Without getting further into whether she should end up with Ben or Paxton, the subplots and side characters stole the show in this new season. 

The arrival of an amazing new character really spiced up the show. Aneesa, played by Megan Suri, was a phenomenal addition to the story as she really challenged Devi as a character. Situations got more dramatic when she started to get closer to one of the leading men. Aneesa made Devi question herself, and also added more to her insecurities.

Another character that is worth praising was Devi’s mom, Nalini Vishwakumar, played by Poorna Jagannathan. Her storyline in the season was so intense and interesting. After the death of her husband, she thought of dating again after she met her competitor Dr. Chris Jackson, played by Common. When Nalini realizes that she is ready to move on, she decides to date Dr. Jackson, however, she stops when she realizes that her daughter (Devi) is still not ready for her to move on. 

Devi’s best friends, Eleanor Wong, played by Ramona Young, and Fabiola Davis, played by Lee Rodriguez, are constantly beside Devi. Fabiola, after accepting her sexuality, finally decides she is ready to date, and starts dating Eve, played by Christina Kartchner. They had a happy ending this season, which really pleased the viewers. Eleanor, on the other hand, had a very interesting storyline with her mother which should be explored further in the future. 

Another character that stood out was Devi’s therapist, Dr. Jamie Ryan, played by Niecy Nash. Her presence in the show brought out a unique comical relief as the audience experienced her dynamics with her patient. It was fun seeing her get annoyed at Devi and helping her at the same time. Lastly, Kamala, although her character this season was very different from the first season, the plot really focused on her commitment issues and her need for independence. 

Overall, this season was an emotional roller coaster filled with comical and emotional moments. The new season did not end in a cliffhanger, however, a lot is still left to conclude the characters of the show. Luckily, the show has recently announced its comeback with season three, leaving the audience with excitement and curiosity.