Kanye’s new album “Donda” disappoints fans

Kaitlyn Smitten, Sports Editor

After months of waiting, Kanye West finally released his new album, “Donda”, but many speculations have been raised over the album’s quality. After a treacherous delay, the album was finally released Sunday, Aug. 29, 2021. Fans were expecting an outstanding album due to the suspension, but they were disappointed. 

“Donda” is Kanye’s tenth studio album, which he named after his late mother, Donda C. West. His plan was to dedicate an album to his mother, who had a huge influence on who he is today. 

Kanye used to be a thrill to watch on stage and was known for his humongous ego and outgoing comments. Now, Kanye is somewhat mundane and had not released an album prior to Donda in almost two years. 

With all of the buzz around Kanye’s new album, one would expect it to floor everyone, but it did quite the contrary. 

The album consists of 27 tracks, which is an uncommon amount as it is so large. The album was also released unfinished, which upset many fans. 

Although his intentions with the album were pure, as he wanted to recognize his mother and how his parents molded him, along with his close relationship with God and Christianity, the outcome of the album was a disappointment to say the least. 

The album’s first song, “Donda chant” is a recorded version of his mothers dying heartbeat, sung in a woman’s voice. Kanye wanted to represent his mother in a meaningful way, and using her heartbeat was a very sentimental way to pay a tribute to her. 

The album itself seems as though it was put together in a rush and not thought through completely. Kanye is known for autotune and sound effects in his songs but on his most recent album, there seems to be a lack, and a minimal amount of his traditional pazazz. 

Although his album includes many experimental ways of working with music that may pave the way for other artists, the respect in which he put it together was confusing and made almost no sense. 

Some of the lyrics in his songs, like “Donda Chant,” and “Remote control,” are either heavily autotuned to the point where it is difficult to make out what he is saying, or don’t make sense altogether. 

Music is a form of expression in which the artist or musician has the opportunity to express himself. Kanye has always used his music to express himself, but in his most recent album, it seems almost more personal and like he is trying to convey a message. 

Sometimes, artists can put too much thought into their music and it ends up confusing or choppy to fans, which is probably the case with Kanye’s new album. All in all, fans are more than disappointed in the production of Donda, especially given the wait and hype around it.