OC’s Got Talent takes the stage with auditions


Emmaleigh Allie

Connor Davidson, freshman, sings a song in the “OC’s Got Talent” show.

Hannah Lorenzo, Features Editor

OHS makes an effort to present the school in the best way possible. From interactive clubs to eye-catching events, there’s never a dull moment as students and teachers alike witness school spirit at its peak every week. To add to the excitement, the performing arts department is introducing a brand new event for students to partake in: OC’s Got Talent.

OC’s Got Talent plans to be a major success as it is a new concept for the school. In the actual show, each class in the performing arts department will have the chance to execute their crafts that they practice in class for a total of nine minutes. Along with these classes, there will also be room for even more talent. On Feb 21, auditions will be held in the black box in room 220 in the performing arts building after school, which will bring hidden talents out of the shadows. With the show arriving on Mar 1 at 7 pm in the main auditorium, lots of interest has already started to form as this idea becomes a reality.

“I think it’ll really bring us together. It’ll show people who have talents that maybe we didn’t know, great singers or great artists,” said Hazel White, senior.

Although the spotlight seems to be focused more on who takes performing arts classes, that’s not the case here. According to Madelyn Sperry, senior, OC’s Got Talent strives to include everyone.

“I think it’ll be a chance to show off more of what all of the arts departments can do as well as students from all departments of the school,” Sperry said.

As the talent show further develops, it also leads a pathway for those participating to gain experience and recognition for the future.

“I think it’s trying to achieve showcasing the performing arts and all that they do, so that they’ll get more of an audience next time they have something coming up, and then there’s also showcasing the amazing students we have here,” White said.

Teachers will judge each performance to see who will earn the title of OC’s Got Talent Winner, so the competition is bound to be a difficult one. However, to the acts who don’t win, they will grow stronger with more confidence in their own abilities.

“Well, students who have performance-based skills or any skills that they want to show, it’s an opportunity for them to get in front of an audience and really test those skills and get feedback about what they’re working on,” said Toni Fioramonti, performing arts teacher.

School spirit is a goal for every school, and OC’s Got Talent sets out to increase that fervor on campus. There may be some doubt as to whether or not the talent show will be in the people’s favor, but it is definitely becoming more well-known and relevant to those with special gifts of their own.

“I think any opportunity where students can display their passion on stage and show the rest of the community what they have to offer is always a good way to bring the community together and see what our students have to offer,” Fioramonti said.