Spider-man gives fans the true Spidey experience


Courtesy of Insomniac Games

Chris Bonifaz, Staff Writer

“Spider-man” for the PlayStation 4 came out on September 8th and it is the perfect combination of story and gameplay.

Every character is memorable and hits every emotion perfectly. Over the course of the game you create bonds with these characters unlike any other single player experience.

You feel for these people as if you’ve known them for weeks. You find yourself rooting for them and get upset when something happens to them. The ending hits you like a punch to the gut and it makes you think your there experiencing the heartbreak in full force.

Although the characters are astonishing, the story is just as good. The plot makes sense every step of the way and it always keeps you on the edge of your seat begging for more.

This, along with the amazing graphics, draws you into this beautiful world of heroes and villains. The customization aspect of the game tops every other single player game. Not only are you able to switch between suits and their powers, you can mix and match the powers and suits.

There were rumors about the game’s graphics being downgraded, but when I started the game I instantly knew those accusations were false.

The game ran perfectly and looked amazing throughout the whole campaign. From the water physics to the little things like boxes and cans being movable, everything in this game is polished to perfection.

At first the game seems challenging and may take hours of playing to get used to the controls and all the different enemies attacks, but the game helps you and through trial and error and anyone can become a master.

The game praises all play styles and does not favorite one over the other. You can be aggressive, always taking the offensive, or you can play defensively and wait for your enemies to attack and always be on the move. No matter how you play you always have the potential to be just as good as someone else with a different play style.

“Spider-man” offers so much variety and freshness that the single player scene has been craving for a while.

Overall, “Spider-man” offers so much playability and enjoyment for anyone looking for a good 20+ hour experience that never has any pauses of fun.