Improv steps up for the new year  

Sadrac Rainey, Staff Writer

First shows for any performance team can be a scary experience. One big mistake and the audience might not come back for the encore. But with improv’s smash premier Sept. 28th that just wasn’t the case.

Bryce Craig, senior, and acting captain for the team had pretty low expectations, but was blown away by all of the positive feedback their show gained.

“Way better than I thought it would. We had some issues with scheduling giving us only one rehearsal before the show, and I don’t know how advertising went. I thought there were only going to be five people there, but it was packed. People were laughing the whole time we had people sitting in the back and in the front; it was a fire hazard,” Craig said.

Due to the amazing feedback of the crowd, the team gave an even more enthusiastic approach to their skits. John Roush, junior, summarizes his experience on stage.

“It was pretty good, everything went really well, we had a great crowd and we all just got up there and had fun,” Roush said.

For improv teamwork means everything, without cohesion all of their skits would fall on deaf ears. Cooperation is vital for the team because it gives them a sense of family, otherwise it wouldn’t be seen. And for Craig, that’s his one goal for the team before graduating.

” I was really only on the improv team my freshmen year; I’ve been leading it every year since then. My favorite part, at this point, has got to be seeing the new kids coming in, and being able to create the experience for them that I got when I first joined,” Craig said.

But Craig isn’t a sole lead, he has help from Lauren Coe, senior and and Denise Sue, advisor, who all make the big picture become real.

“Its me, Lauren Coe and Denise Sue who’s kind of the administrator of all it. But it’s all me and Lauren mostly. One of us will take the team and the other will start writing a list of games. It’s the three of us,” Craig said.

Since he isn’t going to be leading forever, Craig has his sights on Roush to be the new captain; and it’s because of their similar interests in how they want the team to go. Both value the support of the younger generation

“… Bring the new people in, and show them how much fun it can be and just show them what we do,”Roush said.

So now with this fact out in the open it gives improv the liberty to be more expressive at rehearsals. Meaning their next show on Nov. 9th will be an even bigger hit. Due to the newer people having real experience and the older ones comfortable with the direction of the team.