What were the best films of 2015?

The Talon staffers and OHS students pick what they thought the best film of 2015 was.


Travis Robertson

Films that came out in 2015. Collage made by Travis Robertson

Travis Robertson, Hard News/Online editor

2015 was a big year for film where we saw the return of Star Wars, Rocky and Mad Max, with several new films that completely took us by surprise. The only question left to ask is which film was the best?

Here, The Talon staffers tell you what their deciding vote is on what’s the best film of 2015.

“It was probably Mad Max: Fury Road, because a lot of guys were calling it feminist propaganda, so I thought it was amazing. Just because it was so many people that really liked it, it was just a totally different version of what they’d done in the past, so I thought they did such a good job of making it something new that younger people would want to watch,” said Taylor Stokes, senior. Photo courtesy of The Talon Staff page
“My favorite movie was Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” said Cassidy Moore, freshman. “I’m a Star Wars nerd and I’ve loved it since I was really younger, so I’ve been looking forward to the new movies to see a new take on it, because it’s not a remake of the movies it’s a continuation so I liked seeing all the old characters in it too as they grew older, and the new characters and I’m excited for the other two to come out.” Photo courtesy of The Talon Staff page
“The Amy Winehouse documentary (Amy),” said Ryan Temple, senior. “Obviously Amy Winehouse’s death is infamous because her career was at the peak of what it was, she was getting the recognition she deserved, and then she obviously lost everything and she suffered from alcoholism and everything like that, and I loved seeing the story because it’s a good warning and a good homage to someone that talented who died that young.” Photo courtesy of The Talon Staff page
“The Man From U.N.C.L.E, the cinematography, the soundtrack, the acting (and) the time period it was based in, it was just all around my favorite movie,” said Valerie Bond, senior. Photo courtesy of The Talon Staff page



“The Martian,” said Hayley White, senior. “It was a good mix between comedy and drama and I love space so it was a good adventure to watch,” Photo courtesy of The Talon Staff page

OHS students also gave their pick for what the best film of 2015 was.

Jarett Peters
“I’d say my favorite movie I saw was Star Wars because it was a great balance of the old movies but (a) good mix with the new characters but really you know the plot, it’s a great plot, very action packed it’s got it’s comedic relief in there so it’s a good balance, overall it was just a really great movie,” said Jarett Peters, senior. Photo by Travis Robertson
Emma Ruybal
“I really liked Avengers: Age of Ultron just because I’m a huge Marvel,” said Emma Ruybal, sophomore. “I like action movies and it was a really good action movie filled with that kind of stuff, and really good actors too.” Photo by Travis Robertson


Michael McGee
“I’d say the Martian, just because it was different how it was put together. The scientific aspects of the different segments of how they got to Mars, (and) how they communicated with people on Mars,” said Michael McGee, sophomore. Photo by Travis Robertson


Cameron Koch
“Star Wars, it was a great sequel J.J Abrams just topped it off a lot better than anyone could’ve expected,” said Cameron Koch, sophomore. “The banter between Rey and Finn was pretty funny and (there was) a whole lot of fun banter and the quality of the film was just really really good.” Photo by Travis Robertson



Alexia Garcia
“The Revenant, I don’t know why I liked it so much it was just so action-packed and the scenes were really well shot, I thought it was just a really cool movie,” said Alexia Garcia, senior. Photo by Travis Robertson