Improv Team: Members kick off the year with “Slap on the Wits” show

Abbie Gheju, Staff Writer

On Wednesday October 14th, Improv had their first show. They featured a variety of games including Press Conference, Director, Subtitles and a new skit called the Rap Game. I thought the energy of the show was definitely contagious and especially enjoyed how the improv members interacted with the audience by asking them questions and involving them in the games. Similarly, the audience was equally as receptive and lively, greeting the members with loud woo’s and cheers. Colton Flowers, senior and fellow member, attended the show. His favorite moment of the night was when the alumni from previous years were called up and performed with the others. Flowers said “it felt like they never left.”

Overall, the show had a casual atmosphere and the members were all very laid back which contributed to a successful performance. Bryce Craig, sophomore, is the leader and also credits the members for the success of the show. Craig said “They’re professional when they have to be and can also mess around.”  Member Amma Sarkodee-Adoo, senior, has been apart of the club for two months and absolutely loves it. Her favorite aspect about improv is the go with the flow attitude of it. She said she enjoys “the fact that every show and game is different. There is no script and it literally could go anyway. It’s terrifying but fun.”

Craig feels that it’s going to be a rewarding and eventful year. Improv has been asked to perform at the play-writing competition on the 30th of October. If you’re looking for an exciting and comical night, the improv show is definitely a worthy event to attend.