Young artist amaze students, parents, and falculty

Emily DiTomasso, Arts and Entertainment editor

Water colors, portraits, mixed media, self reflections, and still lifes were only a couple of the many types of art that were showcased at the OHS art show.

On Thursday, May 7, OHS held the annual  art show in the admin lobby.

Only most the most successful projects were chosen to take part in the show. However , they tried to get as many people as they could to fit into the show.

Dena Davis, art teacher, said that she looks for great craftsmanship and composition.

“ It’s awesome to show off the talent here at school, “ said  Dena Davis, art teacher.

All the artwork was categorized along the walls by class. Except for the AP students who each had their own part of a wall with their name on it.

“ Our school, you can look at it as a college art show,” says Kent Younger, ceramics teacher.

Throughout the years, artwork has been bought by teachers. parents, and even students.

There was also a collaboration with the elementary students at West Wing school and the students at OHS.

The younger students made a two dimensional monster and the high school ceramic students made it into a 3D figure.

Overall, there was a great turn up for this year’s art show and it gave the opportunity for the young artist of OHS to be recognized.

“Our art department is gorgeous,” said Chae Kim, Junior.