Hollywood revamps former classic thrillers

Provided by Universal Pictures for the purpose of commenting.

Provided by Universal Pictures for the purpose of commenting.

Taylor Stokes, Managing Editor

Even if you cannot depend on new TV shows for entertainment this summer, you can guarantee there will be plenty of new movies released during the television drought.
Summer movies are often the most highly anticipated, and are usually with some of the biggest blockbusters of the year. So here’s a review of some up and comers:

Jurassic World

This follow up to the Jurassic Park trilogy which ended in 2003 is expected to be a pretty successful movie. Chris Pratt, who I believe is a super popular actor right now, is in the starring role of the film as Owen Grady, an employee of the theme park Jurassic World who has to find a way to contain the dinosaurs who’ve escaped. I think that this movie will probably be pretty great since it’s been years since the last and also the fact that the special effects in the old movies were pretty incredible and that was 22 years ago– just imagine what they can do now.


This is a reboot of the 1982 horror film by the same name. The original Poltergeist is considered to be one of the scariest movies of all time and so I think this reboot probably won’t live up to the old one because even though there are better special effects, they don’t really faze kids today and also the story has already been told. If someone is seeing this one first, it probably will be pretty scary but if you grew up in the age of Poltergeist, where no one has made anything like it, I don’t think this’ll live up to the hype. There’s something about reboots that is either excellent or mediocre.

Fantastic Four

Again, Fantastic Four is a reboot of a Marvel classic. Personally, I think this movie is going to be incredible. Marvel is taking a darker direction in comparison to the previous films and they’re going to have more diversity with the cast having a black Johnny Storm played by Michael B. Jordan. I just really see this movie being a totally different turn for Marvel and if they execute it right, could be a new era for their film making.