A Good Lie inspires viewers

Audra McCaw, Staff Developer

Have you ever watched a movie that brought a lot of emotion out of you? Something that made you want to make a difference? Or realize how good you truly have it?

A movie you want to share with every person you have ever met, to change their life as well. Even if it was just for a minute.

The Good Lie is a film inspired by true events, in which is about the Lost Boys.

A group of Sudanese refugees were given the chance to go to America for a better life, where their employment agency counselor forever makes a difference and influences their lives.

The movie shows a group of small children and their journey to a better life, which is something they have always dreamed of. After being faced with many challenges and struggles, ranging from death of family members to having no food and no place to sleep, they finally make it to a refugee camp.

After years of hope and trying to pursue their dreams, it became a reality.

Their names were recorded on the list of people who got to a chance to become an American citizen.

The film shows the group of four trying to adjust to the culture of America: the food, clothes, living style, transportation, and even the way Americans speak.

The “family” has only a few weeks to adjust and get a job. They were to learn how things are and become comfortable with all of the changes.

It was a struggle, but they got through it. Sticking together and supporting one another.

I don’t think I have ever had so much emotion while watching a movie. I would go from tearing up, to laughing, to being shocked, getting goose bumps and then it would repeat.

It’s an awesome movie and it really just put things in perspective.

At the end of it, when it shows the credits, it shows that the main characters were actually survivors from Africa. They came to America and now lived here.

I had a great experience and would rate this movie a 5 out of 5, easily.