Stores are offering seasonal jobs to students

Chase Wyatt, Staff Writer

A seasonal job is a great way for a student to get work experience. Many retailers offer such jobs. Tilly’s, American Eagle Outfitters, Best Buy, and other such stores are presenting students with job offers during the holiday season to students looking for work.

Destiny Carlson, senior, currently has a job at Tilly’s, as a sales associate. She suggests that students who wish to have a job and earn work experience to get a seasonal job, whether you get to stay on the job after or not.

“It’s definitely nerve wracking just thinking you signed yourself up for only a few months, and if you’re not doing as well as they thought you would be or if you’re not what they need at that time, that after December, you’re done and having to find another job after season is a lot harder than you think it would be during the season,” Carlson said.

Haley Simonds, senior, has a seasonal job at American Eagle Outfitters, and really enjoys her job. She appreciates the fact that her job doesn’t get in the way of her school work or STUGO.

“It’s kind of nice this time of year since you’re not scheduled as much as a normal job would, so you still have time to study for finals and stuff like that. And also it kind of helps if you aren’t passionate about your job at the end of the season, you have a way out,” Simonds said.

Carlson suggests that if you want a place to work, work at a retail store at the mall, such as Tilly’s, as she’s gotten a lot of experience from it and loves her fellow co-workers.

“I really enjoy it because they’re very good with their customers and numerous times there will be a black friday sale sign still up and we just forgot to take it down and we’ll still accommodate to that because that’s on us, not the customer. And so i just think the managers and everybody are really good with their customers,” Carlson said.