Fall Sports Make History


Photo by Peyton Thompson

OHS football preparing for a play, facing off against Willow Canyon high school on Nov. 13.

Kaitlyn Smitten, Staff writer

As a result of COVID-19, many extracurricular activities have been postponed and/or cancelled. OHS sports were fortunate enough to participate in fall sports, though greatly impacted, unlike many other clubs, with some restrictions of course.

COVID-19’s effects on OHS football have not been too drastic, as a whole, does not seem phased by the new protocols, ending the regular season ranked third in the 6A division and making it to the semi finals.

“We are just grateful to play,” said Steve Casey, football coach. 

OHS football is known for being competitive in every environment and no matter the situation OHS football continues to remain competitive. 

“I have to remind the boys to wear their masks or else we will be shut down but I think that as we get deeper into the season and more and more teams are getting shut down, they understand the severity,” Casey said.

Many student athletes, seniors in particular. are crushed by the restrictions placed on their season, but some, like William Vlasity, senior, are taking advantage of the opportunity and thriving. 

Vlasity is a first year varsity player who is very proud of his accomplishment of making the OC varsity football team. He is training to the best of his abilities despite the craziness which is the season. 

“I am just happy to get to play and excel in my senior season,” Vlasity said. 

Although losing a season is devastating, many students have chosen to take the glass half full approach and appreciate the ability to even play. 

“I am happy I get to play my senior season even if it means COVID protocols. I know I am probably not going to play in college so this is my last opportunity to play the game that I love,” said Vlasity.

Though OHS football has faced its fair share of injuries and COVID-19 scares, they have managed to pull through and make it to the semi finals, beating Basha 27-21 in overtime.

“I am very proud of how our season has played out and it is an excellent last season for our seniors,” Casey.  

This is the farthest OHS football has ever made it in the playoffs. OHS football’s resilience to the current pandemic and how it has altered its training has clearly benefited them resulting in a monumental finish. 

Along with football, volleyball also seemed unbothered by COVID-19 restrictions, going 12 and 2 into the playoffs and then making it to the quarter finals. Trinity Freeman, senior, is another athlete who has remained optimistic and is proud of her team for the success they have had. 

“We’re also ranked fifth in the 6A division and the 6A Desert Valley region champions,” Freeman said.

The team has also had an advantage as there were no seniors last season, so they didn’t lose any crucial team members and had the opportunity to grow as a team. 

“It was a good experience to get to bond as a team the year before. We got to know each other better, ” Freeman said. 

Although OHS volleyball has had many challenges, including the whole team going online, they finished their fight in the quarter finals losing 3-1 with close scores in each set. 

Most OHS sports have had an apparent successful fall season, including the school’s golf team, placing fourth at state. 

“I genuinely think we were the fourth best team there,” said Uriah Cross, boys’ golf coach. “I have always coached a good team.”

Boys golf did not seem dramatically impacted by COVID-19 as golf itself is a rather independent and distanced sport, but still needed to follow the CDC’s protocol in order to continue their season. 

“Sometimes I would have to remind the boys to wear masks because if a picture of them without a mask gets out, our whole season could be cancelled,” Cross said.

Swim also had an excellent season, with swimmers placing in state, even though swim was the most impacted by COVID-19, as swimmers are confined in a pool and have no easy way to remain six feet apart, and are unable to wear a mask while swimming. 

“We did have some trouble adapting at first but overall it was a good season and I don’t regret any bit of it,” said Alyssa Bacon, senior. 

Although swim found it difficult to comply with social distancing practices due to the nature of the sport, OHS still managed to make it work and the team had a lot of fun. Still having the ability to bond by having team dinners and hanging out with each other on non practice days, despite the restrictions placed upon them by making sure they are socially distancing out of the pool and wearing masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“We had a great time, in and out of the pool, making it a great season and a very memorable senior season,” Bacon said. “Even though I personally did not go to state, many of my teammates did and I am very happy with them and I am very happy with the outcome of the season.”

All in all, sports have had a very successful season despite the difficulty with COVID-19 and the impact it has had. Things are looking up for the future of OHS sports as many athletes have learned to not take anything for granted.

“I am very proud of the team and the accomplishments they have made in such a difficult situation and I know things are only going to look up from here,” Cross said.