Girls varsity basketball falls to Pinnacle in their first loss of the season


Bella Read, senior, looks to get the rebound.
Rylee Bayus, senior, Macie Smith, senior, Katy Frost, freshman, and Lauren McIver, senior, watch the game from the sidelines.
Paris Atuahene, junior, runs down the court with the ball.
Mak Snyder, freshman, goes to shoot a free throw.
Mak Snyder, freshman, dribbles towards the hoop.
Jenny Duran, senior, looks to get the ball.
Lauren McIver, senior, runs down the court with the ball.
Paris Atuahene, junior, goes to shoot.
Bella Read, senior, hopes to get a rebound.
Bella Read and Gabby Ilunga-Kabamba, seniors, run a play.
Paris Atuahene, junior, looks to pass the ball.
Elle Walker, junior, hopes to get the ball.