New freshmen introduced into the world of STUGO


Photo by Taylor Moore

Students put posters up around campus to campaign for STUGO position.

Taylor Moore, Staff Writer

Freshman Elections this year had a large turnout of candidates, with 18 people running for four spots. The spots included class president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. The Freshman Elections were held on Aug 22.

The candidates running used social media platforms to promote their campaigning. The social media campaigning included posting photos of the candidates with their posters, and being reposted by friends and family. Candidates also posted their posters around the campus. 

Two candidates out of the 18 were to be elected during the freshmen elections by popular vote. Stugo then interviews the rest of the candidates and selects eight students.

In total, 10 freshmen are introduced into Stugo. They are then separated into different committees. The basis of the freshman elections is to get freshmen right into Stugo by helping with spirit week, powder puff, homecoming parade and other upcoming events throughout the year. 

Freshman representative, Bella Garcia who is also on varsity pom, was elected by popular vote. Garcia used social media mainly for her campaigning.

 “I had a lot of friends and family who supported me through my campaigning,” Garica said. Garcia wanted to get involved with Stugo because she wants students have a better overall time in high school.

Carrie Ballou and Lauren Fetkenhier are the Stugo teachers and help guide the students in running Stugo.

“The freshmen dive right into Stugo and start working on upcoming events,” Fetkenheir said. 

Payton Jundt, junior, is on the Stugo student body board. Existing members of Stugo, such as Jundt, help the freshman candidates prepare and organize their campaigns, as iwell as running the voting stand. Jundt helped register the freshmen voting to make sure they weren’t voting twice, help set up the ballots, and oversaw everything with the voting stand. Jundt also said she would encourage the freshmen to try, and have new experiences throughout highschool. 

“Stugo is a great way to do that, as well as getting involved with school and to experience school and have a greater appreciation for the things that go on around campus,” Jundt said. 

Stugo tries to encourage students who were running if they do not win, it did not mean that they didn’t put their best foot forward. Stugo looks forward to seeing the rest of candidates in the interviews. Jundt really wanted to get involved in school and her sisters had done student government when they attended OHS.

 “I tried my freshman year and I got in and it’s been the best experience, and I’m really lucky to be in,” Jundt said.