Graduation: The Procession is Proceeding

Graduation: the highlight of high-school careers. Receiving a diploma is the first major achievement for young adults.

The disruption in OHS’s schedule this year has led many to doubt that there will be graduation at the University of Phoenix this year.

However, the rumors can be dispelled. OHS’s graduation dates have not been postponed because someone forgot to turn in the paperwork, and seniors will not be graduating at Grand Canyon University.

According to Cindy Rogers-Lucas, OHS secretary, the reason for our year’s extension is because of the change in Peoria Unified School District’s graduation dates, a factor which forces the Deer Valley Unified School district to default to it’s current calendar.

This schedule maintains our ability to hold graduation at the University of Phoenix stadium like every year, despite many students misconceptions on the day they get their diplomas.

“The District presented two calendar options to the Board at the Tuesday, Nov. 26 Board meeting,” Rogers-Lucas said.  “After reviewing both options, the Board adopted a calendar with graduation dates for May 28-29 and a week-long fall break along with extra break days.”

According to Rogers-Lucas, graduation will still take place at University of Phoenix stadium. “I don’t believe it was ever scheduled to be at Grand Canyon University,” Rogers-Lucas said.