Talking about dreams, the future, and videography with Nathan Edlebeck

Kaitlyn Smitten, Staff Writer

Many students at OHS dream of going to college and having a family while pursuing their dream career, but all dreams start at some point. At OHS, students have the ability to express themselves and pursue their passions. Students usually find something they are passionate about and stick with it until they graduate.Nathan Edlebeck, junior, is one student who has a passion which happens to be film.

“I’ve always loved sharing experiences and the ability to share them through film is something I am thrilled by,” Edlebeck said. 

Edlebeck volunteers his time to make promo videos for different sports at OHS. These promotion videos consist of many videography tools learned through the OHS film program paired with personal experience. 

“When I went into my freshman year, I enrolled in film to help me with my personal hobby, but later on, I discovered a possible new career path,” Edlebeck said. 

During his freshman year at OHS he joined the media team where he met Carson Stoller, senior, and Ava Aguilar, senior. Meeting people of similar talent and passion as you is a great bonding experience and can help many people find their way in this chaotic world. Edlebeck and his team are a great pairing which has resulted in many successes. This is where he truly found his calling, but this is not where his passion began. Working with people with a similar goal is ideal for a healthy work environment. 

“Really ever since we’ve known each other we have been tackling projects together, this [project] is just the newest one,” Edlebeck said. “It’s always been a passion of mine and being able to do it with other people with the same interests.”

Edlebeck and his team have worked on many different projects, including their newest which came through FBLA. The prompt was to create a video promoting your school. Aguilar was inspired by a recent Tik-Toker who makes promotion videos for people based upon sports. These videos are available to all students at OHS for school sports and recreational and club sports. This widens the availability and target audience for these young film pursuers. 

“I have always been inspired to film ever since I was young and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me. My inspiration comes from those around me,” Edlebeck said. “This recent project will allow me to connect with others while pursuing my hobby.” 

Much like other students at OHS, Edlebeck hopes it will take him somewhere in the future. The videos are only done for school purposes at the moment, so they are free of charge, but in the future, Edlebeck may make a living out of making videos much like the ones he creates for school. Everyone has dreams and Edlebeck is just fueling his early. Most students do not truly find their passion until well into college but as Edlebeck shows, that is not always the case. He has found his passion at a young age and continues to pursue it. 

“I would love to continue showcasing creativity and inspiring others in the future and in the modern age, few things can achieve that compared to how film can,” Edlebeck said.